HDMI Audio Drop outs on AMD 5700XT – THE RETURN

The previous post on this topic assumed, falsely, that the problem was only in Linux.


I get the same issue in Windows 10 as well.

But importantly I ONLY get the issue with my LG TV, using HDMI audio. Using my monitor, with headphones plugged into the monitor, that works fine in Windows and Linux.

What kind of worked:

Reverting to an older driver ( 19.0.3..? maybe )

What didn’t work:

HDMI Link Assure setting in Radeon

Changing from PCIE-4 to PCIE-3 in Bios

Updating drivers

Updating TV software

Changing the HDMI cable

What completely worked:

Buying one of these things:


That’s a “Club3D DisplayPort 1.2 (Male) to HDMI 2.0 (Female) Ultra HD Active Adapter”. Plugging that into the Displayport port of my GPU, then attaching the TV’s HDMI cable to it, solved the issue completely.

I shouldn’t have had to buy this. The AMD drivers should have been better, but the choice between spending £25 and getting a working system, or shipping my GPU off for a refund or a refurb or whatever and losing access to it for a week or two….well.

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