Ray Tracer Part 0: Introduction

Everyone and their dog, and their dog’s mum, has built a raytracer. This is not surprising: I mean, seriously, it’s not that hard, and it looks REALLY SHINY. So, despite the fact that everyone has already done this, and in many cases done it better, now it’s MY turn.

I started this project in my final year at Univeristy, during an Advanced Graphics module. I did this because the module was theory, and theory only.Now I like building stuff, but not everyone else does, so I was probably alone in wishing for more brain melting coursework. Also, the theory was hard. Very hard.

So, in order to understand it better, I built it. This may not have been wise, and their were a number of decidedly non-wise decisions in this project (I’ll get to those).

For your enjoyment, and my own, I will be posting here, as regularly as I can manage, until this blog has caught up with me in reality.


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