Steamleft II

A while ago I discovered Steamleft, and decided to use it to try and track my progress in finishing my backlog of Steam games. There are some major flaws with it, such as it counting games I’ve played but not on Steam (eg, Half-life: Blue Shift). It also has really really high estimates for how long it should take me to “complete” Dota 2, a game I got for free and despise (because I suck at it).

Every now and then I run GNUplot over my logging file of hours left in Steam. Here’s a sample:


The data points between between May 9th and May 16th are probably when my estimated hour to completetion were modified by a free trial, or something.

The sudden drop off in the back end of April, I’ve no idea what caused that one.

Here’s a newer graph:



The sudden drop off is again probably from a game I had for a weekend or something. I have bought a few games since I started this, but not too many.

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