I miss ‘puter games.

I haven’t played anything in weeks, if not months. I’ve been working away from home since mid May, and during that time I’ve barely touched anything.

Instead I’ve been reading about games, keeping up with releases, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve instead been caught up in DRAMA. Games Journalism DRAMA.

I’m sick of it, yet morbidly fascinated by it. But I’ve lost sight a bit of why this is my hobby in the first place. So I’ve gone down my steam list and installed things that:

a) Will run on my work laptop

b) I haven’t played before

Here’s what I’ve got installed at the moment:

Red Faction runs very poorly.

CoH won’t launch.

I’ve played KSP a lot already.

So a trip to 1998 is in order. I’m going to play SiN.

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