Sore Feet

I’ve just done the Bogle, which is a 55 mile walk around Greater Manchester. I completed it in 24 hours and 30 minutes, and now I ache. Everywhere. It’d be easier to list the places that DON’T hurt, so I’ll do that:

  • My eyebrows.

At times my pace slowed to around 1MPH. That was awful. Other times, I went on a massive adrenaline and sugar high. That was excellent.

Here’s the route:

The route consisted of two loops, both starting from the North Campus Student’s Union. The south loop started at Friday 2nd March at 7pm, and we were back there by around 7am the next day. Then the northern loop, where most people drop out.

That was one of the most physically and mentally strenuous things I’ve ever done. It would have been so easy to stop at any point and ring the support team, who would have whisked me away to a place with no pain…however, I appear to be a masochist.

I’ve tried this twice before, and failed it both times, so now that I’ve done it I don’t really feel inclined to do it again.

Oh, and this is me just over half way ’round:

Yes, three cups of tea.

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